a little bit about myself

Hi there, I’m Katrina, a marketing and branding copywriter who specializes in luxury real estate, lifestyle, and hospitality. I have spent the past 6+ years profiling some of the most bespoke properties in and around Los Angeles, including a handful of vacation homes and resort destinations.

In addition to shaking up my work environment at the drop of a hat, freelancing has allowed me to take on exciting roles—such as writing about toys for Mattel, Inc.—and explore different avenues of my craft. Prior to real estate, I wrote a bi-weekly sports column for my local newspaper called Sandinmysuit, which chronicled the lifestyle of professional beach volleyball players in the South Bay. A NorCal native who just converted from the Giants to the Dodgers, I live and work in beautiful Hermosa Beach and absolutely love it.


"The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea." 

-Isak Dinesen